Anaphylaxis is one of the most severe types of allergic reactions. Although it can be quite frightening, especially the first time you have a reaction to an allergy that you may not even know you have, most allergies can be managed well and do not need to interfere with your daily life. By seeing an allergist, you can learn more about how to avoid allergens and explore treatment options that meet your needs. 


Anaphylaxis is a type of severe reaction that is caused by exposure to certain types of allergens. Although a wide variety of allergies can trigger anaphylaxis, peanuts and bee stings are among the most common causes of potentially life-threatening reactions. Other food and insect allergies can also cause anaphylaxis, as can latex allergies. Certain types of exercise can also trigger anaphylaxis, although this is uncommon. 


Anaphylaxis is particularly well known for causing significant breathing difficulties that require immediate treatment shortly after exposure to an allergen. Other common symptoms include an increased pulse, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, and a skin rash. Extremely severe anaphylaxis cases may completely stop breathing or the heart. 


Having severe allergies is the main risk factor for anaphylaxis. It is not uncommon for reactions to worsen over time, and future reactions may become more severe or more frequent than past ones. Anaphylaxis can also occur in individuals with severe asthma, heart disease, and other conditions, although this is less common. Having a family history of severe allergies can also increase your risk of anaphylaxis. Having allergy testing done by an allergist can be a proactive way to identify allergies if you aren't sure what is causing a reaction or are unaware that you have them at all to be prepared for a possible severe reaction before it happens.   

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